How to organize your skincare products

You’ve acquired an impressive number of skincare products over time.
Your collection still keeps growing yet it doesn’t spark joy. Or maybe you are just starting to invest in makeup and skincare products.
For whatever reason you may have, now’s the best time to get organized.
Say goodbye to this!
Your skincare and beauty products don’t have to be in just one location.
One tip I can give you is to have at least 2 areas. One would be your main storage, a stockroom to store extra products or those that you are not currently using. Usually bigger in size or in the form of several drawers. Most likely you have this by now. The second storage will be used solely for your current routine. These are all the products you are using for the week or the month. Skincare and makeup items stored here are used regularly. E.g. daily, thrice a week, or weekly at the most. Everything that you do not touch for say beyond a week should go directly to the main storage.
A clean and organized space is a happy space. Looking at my collection tidy and neat, definitely brings a smile to my face and to my partner as well. It also sets a positive mood when getting ready for the day or preparing for bed.
Tip: If you are using face masks, you can keep them inside the refrigerator to free up more space. Some but not all masks are better used colder plus it can cool you down during summer.
Now, take a #Shelfie and show off your organization skills and awesome collection.